Any success we create will come from connecting strongly with a bunch of people who really get what we’re all about. That's our community. And if that’s you, we promise to put our all into you, 1,000,000%.


investing in better communities

Be part of the revolution

One of our values is ‘doing the right thing’. It’s at the heart of why we’re here – we want our business to be kinder. To be conscious about the impact of what we do on the planet and our communities.  We’re setting our sights on being an unstoppable force for good


Ever Improving

We’re pretty worried about how we all think about appliances; they tend to be part of the ‘buy it, use it, chuck it away when something shinier comes along’ approach that means we’re throwing away something like 150,000 tonnes of e-waste in large appliances in the UK each year. Yikes.  

We think the best way to help is from within the industry. We want to lead the way in finding new homes for appliances once they’ve been used.  We want to make sure we buy stuff we understand and get support in continuing to use them for years to come. It’s simple really. We want to start a revolution in the world of appliances.

Sharing is caring

We don’t want to do it alone though. In fact, we can’t do it alone. Why would we? It’s always more fun together.

Because sharing is caring, we want to introduce you to our community partners who are with us on the journey. And we want you to be part of the conversation about looking after ourselves, each other and the planet together.

Looking after the planet

There’s a burning passion here to show that a new business can be kinder. Can be more conscious about the impact of what we do on the planet and our communities.  Can be an unstoppable force for good.  Can lead a revolution in how we think about our appliances. 

Learn more as we start on our journey to investing in a better planet.

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