Intelligent Appliances was born out of an idea to do business in a better way.

To be values driven. To be kind. To our team, our customers, our suppliers, our community and our planet.

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investing in a better planet

Investing in a better planet

As we start out on our journey to investing in better, not more, we have a lot of work to do making sure that our supply chain is as sustainable as possible.  Our carbon footprint is higher than we would like. We have to start somewhere though and our mindset is that we focus on ‘ever-improving’. That’s another one of our values.

The Intelligent Appliances Circular Economy Model

 This is the Intelligent Appliances circular economy model – we’re conscious of working on all areas of our business to be kinder to our planet. We’ll continue to share the progress with our community.

Doing the right thing

Ecologi are a non-profit UK organisation that plant trees and fund the best climate crisis projects. They’re on a mission to plant 1 BILLION trees! We’re proud to help to do our bit to help them achieve this. That’s why we’re planting trees all over the world.

Here in the UK we’re supporting the Future Forest Company in Scotland.

Business can be kinder

There’s a burning passion here to show that a new business can be kinder. Can be more conscious about the impact of what we do on the planet and our communities.  Can be an unstoppable force for good.  Can lead a revolution in how we think about our appliances.

That’s why we here; investing in better, not more.


Planting trees around the world

Helping us actively plant trees to offset our carbon now and in the future, we’ve partnered with the wonderful people at Ecologi.

And the good work doesn’t stop there. Supporting climate and community projects globally, we’re committed to becoming a Climate Positive Workforce.  

Do you know how much e-waste we throw away in large appliances in the UK each year? It’s about 150,000 tonnes with only 35% being reused or refurbished!

We hate the thought of an Intelligent Appliance going to the great scrapheap in the sky (or down to your local tip). That’s why we’ve teamed up with the brilliant lifesavers at a charity called Emmaus to provide a reuse solution to extend the life of an Intelligent Appliance.

All of this adds up to our purpose of investing in better, not more.

The brilliant lifesavers at Emmaus

Emmaus UK supports over 850 formerly homeless people by giving them a home, meaningful work in a social enterprise, funded training and an opportunity to regain lost self-esteem to help rebuild their lives.

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