investing in better beginnings

The story of how things started round here…
It all started back in 2019 when I was blown away by an amazing new appliance launching in the US (hopefully one of our stable of thoroughbreds in the future…watch this space). At that point I’d been thinking for a while that the way appliances are sold needed shaking up. How good would it be to build an ‘intelligent’ business? One that’s an unstoppable force for good.

So here’s the plan –
Find a bunch of brilliant appliances which help you live a healthier lifestyle (that’s what makes them ‘intelligent’); bring a bit of sunshine into people’s lives by being there for them at every stage of the journey – smiling at the end of video call with installation support or speeding round to offer a free ‘tlc’ visit; and then; partner with the lifesavers at a charity called Emmaus to find another home for your appliance when it’s not going to be used anymore. We fight homelessness together and do our bit for the planet by not adding another piece of equipment into landfill. All of that adds up to investing in better, not more.

A potted history of why we’re here
I’d practised law for nearly 10 years and then was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to get involved with my father’s company, CDUK. Another 15 years later and there’s a great sense of pride about how well our team is doing as a key supplier of surface materials into the UK specification market. When I started fully taking over running the business, my father was only 75 years old and wanted something else to keep him busy. So, he founded our Air Uno brand of exclusive Italian designer cooker hoods. As dad retreated into retirement at the end of 2019, I had to learn about the appliance side of the business in double-quick time.

Throw into the mixing pot all my experiences through different parts of my career, a global pandemic, and a sense that I wanted to do business in a better way. And out popped a passion to show that a new business could be kinder. Could help us be more healthy. Could be more conscious about the impact of what we do on the planet and our communities. Could be an unstoppable force for good. Could lead a revolution in how we think about our appliances.

Simply put, from now on it would be all about investing in better, not more.

Gary Baker

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